Building Intercultural Bridges

Creating citizens of the world, for the world…​

DLPS’s International Policy, is aimed at bringing both students and teachers closer to their global peers — while making them worthier citizens of the world. We have hosted teachers and delegates from Scotland, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Korea. Likewise, international video-conferencing sessions have made 21st century global education a dream come true. Through virtual International Meets Delfites interact with students from various countries as Pakistan, Scotland, Lebanon, UK, New York and more, where children have learnt to respect each other’s views while retaining their own stand. DLPS’s partnership with the University of Cambridge, UK, through ESOL has made learning English an enjoyable and internationally acclaimed experience! The school is affiliated with various international institutions to provide more opportunities to students for intercultural dialogues like: Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Sports for All Busan Association (SABA), World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI).

The School has consciously put in place a special International Policy. It hopes it will be its beacon in fostering a better relationship with international peers, and make both students and teachers better and worthier citizens of the world.


Outdoor Education can be so much more than the annual school trip and at DLF we are committed to making sure that carefully constructed outdoor learning is embedded throughout the school curriculum.

Finding the right challenge and adventure for learners can be tricky. Our Educational Excursion Programme strikes a balance between finding an inspirational location as well as a variety of unique experiences. Part of the answer lies in progression. For each year group, we scaffold the new experience to build upon the learning that happened on previous trips.

  • In the pre-primary school, learners enjoy outings to the local community that enhance their topic-based learning.
  • In the Primary & Middle School, learners visit museums, exhibitions, places linked directly to their learning, and are also given the opportunity to enjoy residential teambuilding camp experiences.
  • In the Senior School, there are field trips to study the local history, visit heritage sites, engage in local and global learning experiences and enjoy interactive art experiences.

Our learners across all age groups have been to places as diverse as the Lal Quila, Parliament Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Planetarium, Railway Museum, Bio-Diversity Park, World of Wonders, India Gate, Gandhi Smriti, Mother Dairy, the Dolls Museum and Bal Bhavan.

While we always expect every student to enjoy a safe and positive learning experience on our trips and residentials, we also want them to reflect deeply on what they have learned. The true value of outdoor learning lies in our ability to make real world connections, and to link our experiences outside the classroom back to our everyday lives. It is therefore the quality of the outdoor activities and the long-term impact of outdoor learning that is the most important outcome. Through these outdoor experiences our learners’ learning extends well beyond the walls of the classroom, and out into the world beyond.

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