Opportunities to learn in Different Situations

At DLF, we believe in holistic development of the child with no learner left behind and motivated to achieve 100% participation.

DLPS’s International Policy, is aimed at bringing both students and teachers closer to their global peers — while making them worthier citizens of the world. We have hosted teachers and delegates from Scotland, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Korea. Likewise, international video-conferencing sessions have made 21st century global education a dream come true. Through virtual International Meets Delfites interact with students from various countries as Pakistan, Scotland, Lebanon, UK, New York and more, where children have learnt to respect each other’s views while retaining their own stand. DLPS’s partnership with the University of Cambridge, UK, through ESOL has made learning English an enjoyable and internationally acclaimed experience! The school is affiliated with various international institutions to provide more opportunities to students for intercultural dialogues like: Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Sports for All Busan Association (SABA), World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI).

The School has consciously put in place a special International Policy. It hopes it will be its beacon in fostering a better relationship with international peers, and make both students and teachers better and worthier citizens of the world.


Visits to organizations working for social causes like physically challenged, old age people and helpless animals are organized throughout the year to help children understand social issues through PRO (Public Relation Officer) Programme.

Over the past few months, our students across all age groups have been to places as diverse as the Lal Quila, Parliament Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Planetarium, Railway Museum, Bio-Diversity Park, World of Wonders, India Gate, Gandhi Smriti, Mother Dairy, the Dolls Museum and Bal Bhavan. They have witnessed the Change of Guard Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan. The destinations cover a variety of locations to imbibe culture and architecture, history and technology, environment and administration.


Creating a road map where in our children adopt the 3 important precepts of life…Morality, Mastery over the mind and Wisdom.
Beginning as well as ending each School day with Meditation ensures a happy and fresh start of the day and stress free and peaceful dispersal. With this unique School initiative we aim to raise the Emotional and Spiritual quotient of our students which are crucial components in preparing students NOT simply for WORK but for LIFE ahead. With Meditation as part of the School curriculum and daily classroom activity of young learners, we endeavour to hone students’ intra personal intelligence and make them more empowered, emotionally stable individuals who can contribute towards a healthy school environment and society.

Foreign Languages

Foreign language is also a vital part of our curriculum and adds more stars to the learning curve of the students. School provides French and German language option from class VIth onwards.

Student Social Responsibility

At DLF Public School, we measure success in terms of what our students do out of their lives, and in terms of their usefulness to others. The school, in year 2015-16, drove each of its Delfites towards a higher and greater good: the public interest. Many opportunities were given to the Delfites so that they can themselves exercise their power to bring change and better the world around them. The theme ‘Be the Change’ cascaded down at each level through a series of thoughtful events and campaigns in the domains of Environment, Science, Social responsibility, and Technology engaging students into meaningful real life projects that can better the world. We endeavor to enable in every Delfite an awareness and appreciation of NOT ONLY their RIGHTS but their DUTY equally.

Celebrating Children

DLF truly exemplifies its credo of being ‘A Thinking School with a Soul’. Every student’s birthday is celebrated with a ‘Havan’ but not before sharing with the less privileged children of the “Apney Foundation”. ‘Smileys’ are offered to encourage good behaviour and empathy towards others. A ‘Goodwill Piggy Bank’ keeps the deposit of good notes and deeds done by the children,

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