At DLF, The defining aim of education is:

  • To inculcate a love for learning in every learner
  • To ensure HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT of every learner. To be the best of who they can be!

DLF Public School is a learning academy that is both traditional and progressive at the same time; where the child, and not the institution, is at the center of the Universe. Thus, child-centeredness forms the core of our curriculum. Our strength lies in our focused approach to making education relevant- by combining scholastic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classrooms wherein our learners could apply their knowledge & connect it to real world contexts.

Every Delfites as we lovingly call them, is exposed to a rigorous curriculum that emphasises leadership skills, character building, academic excellence, and creativity. The curriculum is mapped according to age in each class and learners’ multiple intelligences. Developmentally appropriate outcomes are designed to help children start by discovering themselves through their school environment and then to relate their learning to the wider world. It attempts to create Future Ready citizens while enabling each child to enjoy their schooling and meet their individual potential.

Curriculum is building is facilitated in an emotionally safe and caring environment - one that is intellectually stimulating, secure, and joyful. All efforts are directed towards maximising every learner’s potential, and to prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.

Evaluation System

The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning outcomes. The evaluation system upto Class V is informal, comprehensive and non–comparative and is based on continuous assessments. Periodic formative and summative assessments are conducted Class VI onwards.

Evaluation and Assessment methods adopted at DLF support assessment of 21st century skills right from the entry to the exit of a learner from its portal in the following ways: Support

  • Continuous feedback on learners’ performance is embedded into everyday learning
  • A balance of technology-enhanced, formative and summative assessments to measure learners’ imbibing of 21st century skills
  • Development of portfolios of learners’ work that demonstrate mastery of 21st century skills for their future prospects

The DLF illuminarium  Well-Being Centre


Life Skills is an integral part of the school curriculum. With our specially designed Life-Skills programme, we aim to enable the young minds to learn how to think and discipline emotions – an area neglected in education system worldwide. We go beyond the confines of narrow learning and aim for the essential learning outcomes for professional success, personal development and responsible citizenship.

DLF Illuminarium Well-Being Centre works on supporting learners’ well-being based on enhancing life skills, creating inclusive environment and strengthening positive values. It has a team of dedicated professional counsellors and well-being staff including a trained nurse for meeting the needs of the school community.  The Well-Being Centre ensures that those learners who are most vulnerable feel safe to share issues bothering them.  The numerous activities supported by the centre are-

Dedicated Counsellor for Every Class

There is Counsellor associated with every class of 20-30 learners. They provide scaffolds and work empathetically listening, making meaningful connections with the child, empowering parents to handle difficult behaviours. Learners are counselled on issues like anger management, conflict resolution, anxiety, stress management, adjustment difficulties, study difficulties and overcoming negative behaviours.  Parents are guided about handling different growing up issues, academic difficulties of learners, and about creating conducive learning environment at home.

Weekly Life Skills Sessions

Weekly Life Skills Sessions are conducted by dedicated class counsellors to enhance life skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, decision making, coping with stress, managing emotions, empathy, self-awareness, interpersonal skills & effective communication, as envisaged by WHO (World Health Organisation) to promote well-being.

Peer Education

Building life skills among learners through Peer Education is an ideal routine followed in the school since 2006. Peers teach peers as it is a well-known fact that learners are more influenced by their peer groups.

Peer Educators – a group of hand-picked learners, undergo a training programme under the guidance of the School Counsellors. They are trained for communicating and educating their peers on issues like anger management, stress management, medical emergencies, and enhancing life skills. They regularly conduct sessions for their peers on life skills enhancements particularly on managing emotions, managing stress, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Handling Peer Pressure. Such sessions provide exposure and scope for peer leaders to interact and cascade down important value lessons, while addressing issues and concerns through various activities like group discussions, role plays and self-reflection.

Empathy Managers have been appointed in each class with a view to sensitise and promote an environment of empathy and warmth in all interactions. They have the responsibility of creating a positive, healthy and bully-free classroom environment and further help their peers in finding solutions to the issues they face in their personal and social lives.

Bus Buddies are appointed in every bus who are responsible for building a conducive environment inside the buses by maintaining expected discipline. Every month Best Buddy Award is given to the buddies who exhibit an exemplary behaviour and ambience inside their respective buses.

The Awakened Citizens Program (ACP)

One of the major problems confronting us today is that children seem to be growing up stressed and confused because they are not armed with the right tools to face real-life problems and make the right choices. To address this need and to awaken the infinite potential of each child, a unique three-year graded value education program conceived by Ramakrishna Mission- ‘The Awakened Citizen Program’ is implemented in the curriculum for learners of Classes VI to VIII.

The program that consists of 16 modules is based on the message that each one of us, carries within, an infinite source of power, strength and goodness. This power and strength can be felt, every time we say “I CAN”. This infinite power gets manifested as various possibilities. The more we consciously develop or manifest these possibilities, the more faith we develop in ourselves. The Awakened Citizen Program is designed to help discover and manifest the infinite power within each one of us.

Through various explorations, situation analyses, discussions and real-life examples, the learners discover the tremendous impact of manifesting these possibilities and the means to do so. The emphasis is on opening the minds of the learners, giving them a framework for decision making, enabling the discovery and acceptance of values and bringing about an inner transformation.


Various workshops are organized to create awareness about well-being among the students, parents and teachers.

  • Mother-Daughter Health and Hygiene Program to sensitise the girls about the changes they experience during their puberty and to teach them the best health practices in hygiene and self-care.
  • Digital Detoxification Seminars – a crucial step to learn how to unplug oneself from the device to improve the quality of life.
  • Campaigns like Celebrating Mental Health Week to help fight stigma surrounding mental health issues.
Career Guidance and Counselling

When the learners make a move from Junior to Senior classes, a thorough Career guidance and Counselling is provided to them by means of variety of career workshops and career fairs. Margdarshak- An Advance Career Guidance and Counselling Programme at DLF is a blended career awareness programme to co-create a roadmap for the future of every learner of Classes X to XII. It includes face-to face counselling, career desks and a series of workshops to enable every learner to take a mindful and informed decision regarding the best fit career for him that is not based on hearsay or herd mentality or pre-conceived basis. It offers a personalised counselling on the basis of the learner’s aptitude, skills, personality, interest and cumulative academic track record. By using the online interface for career guidance available on the school website, learners can also reach out to school’s alumni to seek individual guidance from them in real time.

Class Coffee Sessions

Class Coffee Sessions are organized to provide yet another platform for interactions between parents and teachers in their quest for betterment of the learners. These sessions help in promoting clear and direct communication between the parents and school teachers; and create a roadmap for expectations from both the sides.

No-Learner-Left-Behind Program

Being an inclusive school, we ensure that education must reach the last child. No Learner Left Behind Program is a flagship program to assist low achievers in making their desires and goals more attainable, thereby facilitating their personal growth and emotional health. Periodic Team Meetings are also an integral part of this program, during which all important stake holders- Mother Teachers, Coordinator, Counsellors and parents meet to discuss strategies to support the additional learning needs of the learner.

Education for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)

For those learners who encounter learning difficulties, the school has put the special ‘Learners on the Way’- a yearlong programme is in place. It is a united sustained effort of Coordinators, Counsellors, Mother Teachers and Parents. The entire environment of the slow achiever is minutely observed to prepare a distinct case study so as to assist him/her towards overcoming the identified learning difficulties.

DLF Cosmosium

DLF Cosmosium - the healing arm of DLF is managed by a group of specialists including Educational psychologists, Clinical psychologists, Occupational Therapists and remedial trainers.  
It is a comprehensive learning ladder for Children With Special Needs (CWSN) in the age group of 3-18 years to practice Inclusive Education & implement Right to Education to the core.
The curriculum is specially designed by experienced professionals keeping in mind the eclectic approach and demands of modern-day schooling. Experienced Professionals work to strengthen the process of sensory system like visual processing, auditory processing and visuo-motor coordination to improve basic learning areas and academic performance of every learner. Regular counselling and motivation help improve their academic and social skills. It provides services which include:

  • State of the Art Occupational Therapy Unit to take care of the sensory diet for each learner.
  • Speech Therapy to develop speech and correct anomalies at an early age for better understanding of the concept of phonics.
  • ADL training and handwriting programs.
  • Behaviour Programs, Special education, CBA, and prevocational programs for children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.
DLF Sensorium

DLF Sensorium- a child development and learning lab that stands for the basic senses of vision, hearing, tactile, vestibular & proprioception. It is important for the senses to integrate in appropriate time for development of optimal building blocks.
DLF Sensorium provides respite to a specific group of learners who are otherwise bright but are not performing to their full potential in the areas of reading, writing, comprehension, socialization etc. The primary focus here is on therapeutic services of international standards involving the best of professionals and agencies. It works towards providing all round development for children with learning difficulties and helps learners to overcome their deficit areas through accurate diagnosis, curative remediation and a customized curriculum.


At DLF the teachers are looked upon as both Mentors and Facilitators. To meet the requirements of 21 century knowledge society, they themselves undergo regular training.Corporate training and orientation programmes, seminars, workshops and membership to online global educational initiatives, training by CBSE, IIM’s, IIT’s and other leading educational institutions, are only some of the many avenues explored. Peer learning from educators in other countries, exchange of best practices through interaction with foreign delegates and invitees, participation in state, national and international, teacher specific competitions and even attending empowering meditation camps are part of the continuing growth and development process.

Special Remedial Teaching Programme

Adopt A Child Programme

It’s been a highly result-oriented scheme at DLPS under which Each Teacher adopts at least ONE academically poor/weak child. Throughout the session, the teacher assists the child in various ways like- giving/arranging extra classes, completion of the notebooks, revision of the class work, class behavior, attendance and academic record. She notes and observes the improvements made in the child and works in coordination with other teachers towards the child’s growth. The teachers also conduct Personal Home Visits to students’ homes.

Remedial Sessions Every Week

The school conducts integrated remedial classes for the academically weak children EVERY SATURDAY 12 pm to 2 pm. During these sessions, the teachers try to reach out to their problems and render a personal touch. The slow learners get a chance to pick up the covered syllabus and solve their problems.

Counseling Sessions In Close Tie-ups With IHBAS

The school facilitates students with THREE full time counselors. These counselors provide concrete suggestions for each child and help them overcome their specific learning disabilities working in close tie-ups with IHBAS-Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences. Many workshops are also organized for children suffering from SLDs like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and more. Workshops for parents are also organized from time to time.

Consecutive Assessment Record

A consecutive assessment record is maintained by the concerned teacher which is registered with the school Coordinators as well. The Coordinator makes sure that these children are regular with their work and are able to cope up with the studies. She maintains the Cumulative Record of these children to mark the growth of these children. This affords a larger focus on each child’s progress and output.

Parent Teacher Meetings

The school sees parents as significant partners in Education. Regular Parent Teacher Association Meetings are conducted in the school. The teachers and parents work out together the future plans towards children’s growth.


THOTS is one of the most innovative and futuristic programme that includes engaging and interactive game based activities where learners explore, reflect and apply their learning. It triggers Metacognitive Thinking in each of our learners through gamified higher order thinking challenges. The Higher Order Thinking skills are built while the learners are at play. The best part of the programme is that the required skill set is developed through Globally Awarded Physical Thinking Tools.

FIM- First in Math

Learning Math is Fun at DLF. ‘First in Math’ is another unique, self-directed and joyful learning program that lets the learners take ownership and control of their learning processes. It is an endeavour that is solely driven to propel innovative and experiential learning that sows the seeds of a numeracy transformation, which is the most desired agenda of today’s education system.

This fun-filled motivating program is not only exciting but also an engaging opportunity for the young minds that helps to train their minds in the processes and patterns of Mathematics. Through this program learners are encouraged and empowered to take action, explore, think mathematically, learn, grow and build a love for the Math that lasts a lifetime.


We believe that no two learners have exactly the same mental make-up and each one learns at his own pace. To allow learners to effectively advance at their own pace, Ei Mindspark program is offered to learners of Upper Primary and Middle School. It is a computer-based self-learning programme that helps the learners improve their conceptual skills in Math, English & Science allowing them to follow a learning path that is based on their learning needs.

The program adapts itself to learning needs of the learners & progressively questions learners on the particular concept, providing feedback for their answers. It enables the learners to self-learn the concept gradually and thoroughly.


A good diagnosis is the first step of a good treatment. ASSESSMENT OF SCHOLASTIC SKILLS THROUGH EDUCATIONAL TESTING(ASSET), speak eloquently about our school’s exhaustive academic programme. It is a National Level scientifically designed diagnostic test taken by learners across India. It effectively measures what learners have actually understood as well as provides actionable insights and required support to the teachers and learners. To ensure shift in learning levels in the positive direction and enable focussed teaching and learning, ASSET Pre-Test and Post-Test are conducted during an academic session. These tests empower parents and teachers with the data they need to take the necessary action to bridge the learning gaps.

Detailed Assessment (DA)

Effective learning cannot happen without periodic evaluation and feedback. Detailed Assessment is a testing tool that is in accordance with the school curriculum and aims at making a difference in the assessment process. It assists teachers to focus on their core competency and provides greater insight into clearing misconceptions about a topic amongst learners. It provides immediate feedback to teachers on the current level of learners’ understanding on the topics taught and completed in the classroom. Detailed Assessment is conducted periodically after the completion of a given topic in Math, English, Hindi, Social Science and Science.

Scholastic SHORT READS

SHORT READS’ is a guided reading program that provides learners with grade appropriate complex fiction and nonfiction texts and prepares them with the skills and mindsets needed to navigate the ever-changing world. The program aims to cultivate rich vocabulary and deep comprehension skills in the learners. The focus is on purposeful reading, re-reading and responding in order to help learners achieve reading and learning success. It is individualized to encourage learners to read texts matched to their abilities, allowing them to gain valuable reading practice and build comprehension skills.  The program supports 21st-century learning skills, critical and creative thinking and social-emotional learning by introducing learners to a wide variety of texts from all around the world.
To assess learners’ reading and comprehension skills, a Litpro Test (Literacy Pro- a research based blended literacy program) is conducted that determines their Lexile Reading Measure by using authentic passages from fiction and non-fiction texts. A Lexile measure is a valuable tool for teachers, parents, and learners. It serves two unique functions one to assess the difficulty level of the text and second to assess the level of reading ability of the learner.

Class X Last Five Years Result Analysis from 2021-2017


DLF Public School Churns Out Second District Topper In Class X
  • Shivaani Hari shines out as the Second District Topper and School Topper with a staggering 99.2% (496/500)
  • 21 Students scored perfect 100 in various subjects
  • 21 students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 72 students with aggregate score of more than 90%


Half the Student population Score 90% and Above, in CBSE
  • 58 out of 193 students who appeared scored a perfect 100
    in various subjects.
  • 29 Students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 97% Students secure distinction - aggregate score
  • 26 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects


Delfite Notches 3rd All India Rank; Is Ghaziabad Topper in CBSE.
  • Arpana Ray – 3rd All India Rank & District Topper with 99.4%
  • Perfect 100 in various subjects : 24 out of 174
  • Students with Aggregate score of 90% and Above : 62/174


29 Delfites Scored a Perfect CGPA of 10
  • Students who scored a CGPA of 9 and Above :
    77 out of 183 (42%)
  • Students who scored a perfect CGPA of 10 : 29

Class XII Last Five Years Result Analysis from 2021-2017


Students of DLF Public School Shine Again In Class XII, CBSE Board Exam 2020

  • 12 students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 38 students with aggregate score of more than 90%
  • 67 students with aggregate score of more than 85%
  • 6 Students scored perfect 100 in various subjects
  • All 133 secured First Division


6 Defites Ranks Among India’s Top 10

  • 26 Students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 54 Students with aggregate score of more than 90%
  • 80 Students with aggregate score of more than 85%
  • 26 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects
Subject Toppers
Stream Topper Percentage
Science Anupam Agrawal 98.6%
Humanities Rusha Chatterjee 98.4%
Commerce (with Maths) Khyati Dahiya
Shivangi Gupta
Commerce (Non-Maths) Aditi Jain 98.2%


A New High in CBSE Class XII Board Examinations

  • Aggregate Score of 90% and above : 47 students/155(30%)
  • Aggregate Score of 95% and above : 17 students/155
Stream Topper Percentage
Science Mrigya Gupta 98%
Humanities Subhadra Varshney 97.5%
Commerce (with Maths) Shreya Gupta 97%
Commerce (Non-Maths) Siddharth Srinivas 95.25%


Over 1/3rd Students Scored an Aggregate Score of 90%+

  • Aggregate Score of 90% and above : 55 students/161 (34%)
  • A Perfect 100 in Economics and Psychology
  • Economics - Somya Aggarwal
    Psychology - Vedika Dutta, Nandini Pandey, Rumella Jain, S.V. Vashnavi, Ansuiya Warikoo

Stream Topper Percentage
Science Ambika Singhal 98%
Commerce Somya Aggarwal 97.7%
Toppers in Special Need Category Fyna Jose 82.5%

1 2019-2020 Manan Prakash-IIT Jammu
Gauri Sharma-Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi
2 2020-2021 Anit Mangal-Computer Science-IIT Kharagpur
Vibhour Sharma-Electrical engineering, IIT Guwahati
Sugeet Sood - AIR-10000
1 2020-2021 Shivaani Hari- Rank 401
Bhavuk Prasad Sarthak-Rank 326
Shivaani Hari
Bhavuk Prasad Sarthak
2 2019-2020 NONE
3 2018-2019 NONE
4 2017-2018 NONE
5 2016-2017 Navneel Mandal
Navya Gupta
Divyansh Sati
Priyansh Agarwal
Navneel Mandal
Mrigya Gupta
6 2015-2016 Sparsh Gupta, Namit Agarwal, Navya Gupta
7 2014-2015 Kartikey Bhardwaj
8 2013-2014 Mehak Gupta
9 2012-2013 Arnab Banerjee
Snehal Tomar
10 2011-2012 Dushyant Singh
Navya Gupta
11 2010-2011
12 2009-2010 Ankit Aggarwal
13 2008-2009 NONE
14 2007-2008 Ruchika Airy
15 2006-2007 Bharat Munshi