At DLPS, there is a focused approach to making education relevant- by providing experiences & opportunities wherein our learners could apply their knowledge & connect it to real world contexts. Not only is this being achieved through linking the newspapers to the curriculum and bringing the everyday world into the classroom but also through numerous hands on projects.

The meaning of ‘knowledge’ for us is not simply ‘being able to remember’ but ‘being able to find and use it’. At DLPS, education is about building the skills to adapt to changing times. The curriculum is mapped according to age. Developmentally appropriate outcomes are designed to help a child start by discovering themselves through their school environment and then to relate their learning to the wider world.

Framework is designed with the objective to take teaching into a different realm altogether — and imbue it with genuine fun and interest for faster comprehension and understanding.


Our Pedagogy

Our methodology gives access to Real Time Coaching and Critical Thinking. Our pedagogy include:

"Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Linguistic, Logical, Social and Solitary Learning Tools".

Building of socio emotional skills, empathy and inculcation of winning spirit are also the vital parts of the framework. For students, young and old alike, learning by doing activities allow knowledge to be imbibed almost unconsciously. “Take the students out of the four walls of the classroom and bring the outside world into it….” that has been the constant endeavour at DLF.

Evaluation System

An activity based curriculum has been designed keeping in view the age-group of the children in each class and their multiple intelligence. It attempts to promote the overall personality of the child and is planned to help each child enjoy his schooling and meet his individual potential. The traditional emphasis laid on cramming and memorization has been dispensed with. The evaluation system is informal, comprehensive, non–comparative and based on continuous assessment upto Class V. The reliance on the traditional examination system, though not eliminated, has been minimized.

ICT Integration

Understanding the very fact that information and knowledge are growing at an exponential rate, the fastest in the history of mankind so far, we are working towards adopting technology to keep pace with the rapidly changing times. And at the same time, continue to be the school with a soul, creating an emotionally intelligent climate in the school i.e. working towards both; a hi-tech head and a hi-touch heart.

Newer learning techniques that are products of intensive research and keep pace with evolutionary trends are now being put in place so as to create a 21st century learning environment. Efforts are on to integrate ICT at a higher level into the curriculum so as to challenge pupil’s understanding and promote greater thinking and reflection while at the same time taking care that technology works only as an enabler not as a destructor.

Life Skills is an integral part of school curriculum. A Special CCE ALIGNED Life-Skills Programme in Association with ViJyoti is being implemented for all classes with these modules.

With our specially designed Life-Skills programme in association with VIJYOTI, we aim to enable the young minds to learn how to think and discipline emotions – an area neglected in worldwide education system. We go beyond the confines of narrow learning and aim for the essential learning outcomes for professional success, personal development and responsible citizenship:


For those Delfites who are affected by learning disabilities, the school has put the special ‘Learners on the Way’ programme in place. It has been a united sustained effort of Coordinators, Counsellors, Mother Teachers and Parents. It is a yearlong programme where the entire student related environment is studied and a distinct case study is framed for each slow achiever to assist him towards overcoming the learning difficulties.

Our Cosmosium

It’s a comprehensive learning ladder for children with special needs in the age group of 3-18 years to practice Inclusive Education & implement Right to Education to the core. The curriculum is specially designed by experienced professionals keeping in mind the eclectic approach and demands of modern day schooling. The cosmosium provides services which includes State of the art Occupational therapy unit to take care of the sensory diet for each child. It also provides with ADL training, handwriting programs. Speech therapy is provided to develop speech and correct anomalies at an early age to facilitate better concept of phonics.

Our Sensorium

As the name suggests Sensorium stands for the basic senses of vision, hearing, tactile, vestibular & proprioception. It is important for the senses to integrate in appropriate time for development of optimal building blocks. Some children get enough sensations to develop adequate neuronal network. Some of them may not. Children are helped to overcome their deficit areas through accurate diagnosis, curative remediation and a customized curriculum. Sensorium was established in the year 2014 to provide respite to a specific group of children who were otherwise bright but were not performing to their potential in the areas of reading, writing, comprehension, socialization etc. The primary focus is on therapeutic services of international standards involving the best of professionals and agencies.


At DLF the teachers are looked upon as both Mentors and Facilitators. To meet the requirements of 21 century knowledge society, they themselves undergo regular training.Corporate training and orientation programmes, seminars, workshops and membership to online global educational initiatives, training by CBSE, IIM’s, IIT’s and other leading educational institutions, are only some of the many avenues explored. Peer learning from educators in other countries, exchange of best practices through interaction with foreign delegates and invitees, participation in state, national and international, teacher specific competitions and even attending empowering meditation camps are part of the continuing growth and development process.

Special Remedial Teaching Programme

Adopt A Child Programme

It’s been a highly result-oriented scheme at DLPS under which Each Teacher adopts at least ONE academically poor/weak child. Throughout the session, the teacher assists the child in various ways like- giving/arranging extra classes, completion of the notebooks, revision of the class work, class behavior, attendance and academic record. She notes and observes the improvements made in the child and works in coordination with other teachers towards the child’s growth. The teachers also conduct Personal Home Visits to students’ homes.

Remedial Sessions Every Week

The school conducts integrated remedial classes for the academically weak children EVERY SATURDAY 12 pm to 2 pm. During these sessions, the teachers try to reach out to their problems and render a personal touch. The slow learners get a chance to pick up the covered syllabus and solve their problems.

Counseling Sessions In Close Tie-ups With IHBAS

The school facilitates students with THREE full time counselors. These counselors provide concrete suggestions for each child and help them overcome their specific learning disabilities working in close tie-ups with IHBAS-Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences. Many workshops are also organized for children suffering from SLDs like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and more. Workshops for parents are also organized from time to time.

Consecutive Assessment Record

A consecutive assessment record is maintained by the concerned teacher which is registered with the school Coordinators as well. The Coordinator makes sure that these children are regular with their work and are able to cope up with the studies. She maintains the Cumulative Record of these children to mark the growth of these children. This affords a larger focus on each child’s progress and output.

Parent Teacher Meetings

The school sees parents as significant partners in Education. Regular Parent Teacher Association Meetings are conducted in the school. The teachers and parents work out together the future plans towards children’s growth.


This is a unique life skills programme for the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills in Students and thinking processes, the most essential trans-disciplinary life skills. THOTS is one of the most innovative and futuristic programme. The best part of programme is that the required skill set is developed through Globally Awarded Physical Thinking Tools.

FIM- First in Math

Learning Math is Fun at DLF. First in Math is a unique, self-directed and joyful learning that lets the students take ownership and control of their learning processes. First in Math is a program that energizes every learner to learn, love and live Math as it gives absolute freedom to learners to make mistakes along with the magic of instant feedback.


A Trigger Zone for the revolutionary computer-based self-learning programme. No two children have exactly the same mental make-up and that children learn at their own pace. School has a dedicated IT lab for Mindspark, a computer based self-learning programme that helps the child improve his/her skills in Maths and English skills. The program allows each student to follow a learning path that is based on his/her need.


- ASSESSMENT OF SCHOLASTIC SKILLS THROUGH EDUCATIONAL TESTING, speaks eloquently about our school’s exhaustive academic programme. ASSET is a National Level scientifically designed diagnostic test taken by children across India.

AQAD- Inculcating Thinking Skills through "A Question A Day Programme"

AQAD is one of the unique programme which measures conceptually how well a child has understood the concepts in English, Science and Mathematics and Social Sciences. It aims at developing thinking skills of Delfites enabling them ‘how to think’ as all the questions are HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions and stimulate thought processes of students. One THINKING Question on a subject is given to the students of classes III upwards. The students write their answers on chits of paper and drop it in the AQAD Answer Box. Detailed Assessment Program-

Class X Last Five Years Result Analysis from 2021-2017


90% and Above Aggregate Scores Soar at CBSE Class X Board Examination at DLF Public School

  • School Average 88.01% , Batch Size : 192
  • 28 Students scored aggregate > 95%
  • 89 Students scored aggregate > 90%
  • 130 Students scored aggregate > 85%
  • 22 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects Pass Percentage 100%


DLF Public School Churns Out Second District Topper In Class X
  • 21 Students scored perfect 100 in various subjects
  • 21 students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 72 students with aggregate score of more than 90%


Half the Student population Score 90% and Above, in CBSE
  • 29 Students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 97% Students secure distinction - aggregate score
  • 26 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects


Delfite Notches 3rd All India Rank; Is Ghaziabad Topper in CBSE.
  • Arpana Ray – 3rd All India Rank & District Topper with 99.4%
  • Perfect 100 in various subjects : 24 out of 174
  • Students with Aggregate score of 90% and Above : 62/174


29 Delfites Scored a Perfect CGPA of 10
  • Students who scored a CGPA of 9 and Above :
    77 out of 183 (42%)
  • Students who scored a perfect CGPA of 10 : 29

Class XII Last Five Years Result Analysis from 2021-2017


85% and Above Aggregate Scores Soar at CBSE Class XII Board Examination at DLF Public School

  • School Average 85.89% , Batch Size : 169
  • 30 Students Scored aggregate > 95%
  • 56 Students Scored aggregate > 90%
  • 126 Students Scored aggregate > 80%
  • 5 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects
  • All 169 scored aggregate > 60%


Students of DLF Public School Shine Again In Class XII, CBSE Board Exam 2020

  • 12 students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 38 students with aggregate score of more than 90%
  • 67 students with aggregate score of more than 85%
  • 6 Students scored perfect 100 in various subjects
  • All 133 secured First Division


6 Defites Ranks Among India’s Top 10

  • 26 Students with aggregate score of more than 95%
  • 54 Students with aggregate score of more than 90%
  • 80 Students with aggregate score of more than 85%
  • 26 Students scored a perfect 100 in various subjects
Subject Toppers
Stream Topper Percentage
Science Anupam Agrawal 98.6%
Humanities Rusha Chatterjee 98.4%
Commerce (with Maths) Khyati Dahiya
Shivangi Gupta
Commerce (Non-Maths) Aditi Jain 98.2%


A New High in CBSE Class XII Board Examinations

  • Aggregate Score of 90% and above : 47 students/155(30%)
  • Aggregate Score of 95% and above : 17 students/155
Stream Topper Percentage
Science Mrigya Gupta 98%
Humanities Subhadra Varshney 97.5%
Commerce (with Maths) Shreya Gupta 97%
Commerce (Non-Maths) Siddharth Srinivas 95.25%


Over 1/3rd Students Scored an Aggregate Score of 90%+

  • Aggregate Score of 90% and above : 55 students/161 (34%)
  • A Perfect 100 in Economics and Psychology
  • Economics - Somya Aggarwal
    Psychology - Vedika Dutta, Nandini Pandey, Rumella Jain, S.V. Vashnavi, Ansuiya Warikoo

Stream Topper Percentage
Science Ambika Singhal 98%
Commerce Somya Aggarwal 97.7%
Toppers in Special Need Category Fyna Jose 82.5%