Experiential Learning

At DLF, we focus on ‘Learning by Doing.’ A ‘Learning is Fun’ oriented approach – an approach that involves fun-filled hands-on experience that stimulates the mind of learners resulting in a love for learning. Learning is initiated by igniting curiosity in the minds of the learners, which propels learning by self-discovery and leads to learners taking the onus for their learning.

Hands-on experience opportunities in thinking, experimentation and research are provided to the learners. The emphasis is on making a conscious shift from making children learn to letting children learn. This has transformed our classrooms into Experiential Thinkrooms with Think Zones and Think lines that stimulate learners to think and respond.

Differentiating between alive, not alive and once alive things.
Learning about Air Pressure and its Application in real-life.
Learning to blow bubbles.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy, which is an inherent component of 21st Century Education is the backbone of pedagogy at DLF Public School. We use technology as an enabler to enrich and augment classroom learning through Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms so as to provide opportunities for active and engaging learning environment.

Technology is used judiciously such that it empowers us but does not overpower us. At the same time, learners are taught responsible and ethical use of technology so that they remain safe themselves as well as are mindful of not harming others.

There is a lot of focus on digital citizenship and internet safety and thus learners are taught the responsible use of technology to learn, create, and participate. This promotes a positive learning culture where students feel empowered to use technology safely and purposefully.

Using digital technologies as an enabler in learning
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