What Do Our Parents Say About Us In 2020

My elder daughter Prisha joined DLF Public School when she was just 3 years old. Today she has completed her school journey and have cleared Class 12th Commerce with flying colours (97.75% best four). We will always be thankful to the management, teachers, support staff and her peers for such wonderful time, learnings and support. School’s dynamic leadership and in-depth analysis of every small issue for the overall development of a child is truly commendable. We are lucky that we will continue to be part of the DLF family for next 6 years as our younger daughter is currently studying at DLF in Class VII. Thanks for all their efforts and for teaching kindness to our kids. We wish DLF all the best.

Aarti & Girish Sharma, Parents of Prisha Sharma

The aim of any school should be to provide students a strong foundation based on knowledge and personality development skills which are the primary tools of success in life. It is never an easy task but DLF Public School rose to the challenge 25 years ago and continues to address that challenge till date. The school has been imparting traditional values like Hawan as a part of birthday celebrations, Grandparents Day, empathy towards the less privileged through school adopted Apne Bachhe. At the same time, it is promoting modern day curriculum like Robotics classes, environment friendly processes, sports activities to raise the future generation that is confident, secure and trustworthy as human beings.

Sushanta Mahato, Father of Sanish Mahato

Teacher’s constant encouragement, kind words, and genuine interest in her students is what made my daughter flourish in the virtual classes.

Upendra Yadav (Parent of Class Pre-Nursery)

Being the very first day of her class, for my daughter she was running here and there. But her Mother Teacher was able to make an instant connection with her and she started responding to her. The teachers at DLF are very innovative and know well how to connect to these new-age kids.

Pankaj & Pratibha Arya (Parent of Class Pre-Nursery)

Thank you once again for playing such an important part in the lives of our little ones. Learning at DLF is fun, engaging and activity based. The pedagogy at DLF is in consonance with the new education policy. The most important phase of a child is the first 5 years, and these early years are the building blocks for the future of a child. And in this very important phase, we would like to thank DLF Public School for working so hard in order to embark our little ones in their learning journey joyfully.

Kailash & Meena Pandey (Parents of Class Nursery)

Within a very short time you have truly proved yourself as a MOTHER teacher to my son Viaan. He becomes very happy as soon as he sees you on screen. Story telling with crafty props takes the concepts to another level and grabs Viaan’s attention quickly. He started loving sessions within a week since we started. Truly appreciate your work and a learning spirit of all teachers.

Vipin & Ritu Jain (Parent of Class Nursery)

You were supposed to hold hands of Avisha once she stepped her first step in the school but destiny has its own plans. Though this never happened but I am glad that you still figured out how to connect with her emotionally. You are the one who helps her, guides her and corrects her in her milestone.

Vibhu Arora (Parent of Class Nursery)

Paarth is the best only because of you. You teach our kids not only subjects but also how to live and how to be a better person.

Neetu Agarwal (Parent of Class KG)

At DLF, every child is important. The school takes care of every single child according to his/her learning need.

Rasika Singh (Parent of Class KG)

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgement with deep sense of appreciation to the school management for achieving the strong vision and mission in education even in this pandemic situation through online classes. My son actually enjoys the online classes and every morning he is excited to attend his classes. This is actually not an easy task to make kids sit in a place for 1.5 hrs. The innovative methodology to make the concepts interesting for a child is extremely appreciable. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it focusses on the holistic development of the child. Principal Seema Jerath is a lady of virtue and under her able guidance the school is progressing in all fields.

Paromita and Kaushik Debnath (Parents of Class KG)

Learning journey would not have been so fulfilling without you all!

Naman Verma (Parent of Class I)

Thank you for being an excellent educator! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting.

Haseeb Ahmad Khan (Parent of Class I)

Beautiful! Shows how pure your soul is for our kids! I have seen great progress in my daughter in your class last year and am super confident to see the same with my son Avyan this year. Thanks for crossing my kids path in this learning journey of their life! Truly grateful.

Ruben & Shweta Srivastava (Parent of Class I)

All the efforts and hard work you’ve invested to bring out the best in us can never be repaid in mere words. We can only feel grateful for having a teacher like you! You taught us like a teacher, protected us like our parents and guided us like a mentor.

Pooja Garg (Parent of Class II)

Atharv was super excited to meet his teacher and after your call he has become more eager and enthusiastic. It was a good feedback session exchanged mutually. We appreciate all your efforts and hard work. Our special regards to the Principal ma'am Ms. Seema Jerath who arranged this CPTM to create a bond between the teacher and the child. Looking forward for a great year ahead. Goodluck Team DLF.!!

Urvish Kumar & Leena Tyagi (Parent of Class II)

Thanks a lot dear Jyoti ma’am for the wonderful interactive session... it was really helpful in terms of relation building between a student and a teacher... Rishabh can now relate very well to his mother teacher ‘Jyoti ma’am’, as due to virtual classes it was not possible till date. We appreciate the hard work and the sincere efforts put in by you and all other teachers. Thank you!!

Bhaskar & Smita Chaudhary (Parent of Class II)

I must acknowledge that DLF school has been working very hard in terms of ensuring not only the quality education for every child but also about their overall development through Co-Curricular activities.

Sujeet Kumar & Kalindi Jha (Parent of Class III)
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