Our Vision

Our defining aim is: Preparing caring, courageous and concerned citizens – of the world, for the world!

Our Mission

To embark each learner on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Learning thereby creating committed, socially responsible global citizens who are nurtured in a safe, child-centered empowering 21st century environment rooted in Indian culture.

We are on a Mission

We are on a mission….to transform the world, one child at a time

We are on a mission, to make the learning years of every learner an enjoyable experience, an exciting voyage and a journey of never ending curiosity.

We are on a mission to fuel all inquiring minds, who are eager to question, and empower them to find solutions for problems they encounter.

We are on a mission to make our children understand that being ‘Good’ is just as important as being ‘Smart’, and to see beyond themselves so as to actualize not only as individuals, but also as citizens.

We are on a mission to cultivate in every child, a profound belief in the self as well as to accept and respect others and their views.

We are on a mission to make every child learn that respect for the environment goes beyond slogans and caring for ecology grows beyond the seeds and saplings.

DLF Public School - A Thinking School with a Soul. Where the Child, and not the Institution, is at the center of the Universe. Where they learn to think, and script their own future. Where they learn to become…not just be!

The Quality Objectives

  • To create 21st century independent learners who enjoy learning and in the process discover their strengths, form a realistic self-image, and learn to be.
  • To provide a safe child-centered thinking space where they learn through exploration; experimentation and research.
  • To promote sharing and expanding knowledge through team work, peer learning and peer evaluation.
  • To nurture living souls; caring and concerned, socially responsible individuals who are sensitized to human needs and understand the value of giving back to society , who are capable of being change agents.
  • To prepare global citizens who embody the Indian value system and can shoulder the responsibility of making India a superpower of the future.
  • To create winners by taking every Delfite to greatness; nurturing their unique strengths and ensuring at the same time that every learner is progressing.