A Thinking School With A Soul!

With a legacy of over two-decades, and a future full of dreams…
Transforming the world, one child at a time.

We’re a ‘Child Centered’ School where:

  • The child, not the institution, is at the center of our universe.
  • The Uniqueness of every child is recognized with the intent to nurture them into becoming their best versions.
  • Every competition is with oneself not with others.
  • The child steps in as a ‘learner’ and steps out as an ‘agent of change’ .
  • An ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:17 ensures personalized monitoring and interaction.
  • Letting the child learn naturally is encouraged over making the child learn.
  • Learning happens through experiences- beyond books and classrooms.
  • Every child feels that they own their tiny part of the school.
  • Happiness Quotient matters as much as Intelligence Quotient.

We’re a ‘Thinking School’ with a collective emphasis on:

  • Stimulating Divergent Thinking.
  • Fuelling an aptitude for research and innovation: specially designed and scientifically equipped ‘Innovation Lab’ where every learner can tinker with ideas to better the world around.
  • Experiential learning designed for deep conceptual understanding and holistic development.
  • Experiential Thinkrooms, our transformed classrooms, with ‘thinklines’ and ‘thinkspiration’ as triggers.

  • Education that doesn’t stop at Self-discovery but extends to Self-creation.
  • Equipping the learners with skills such as design mindset, computational thinking through STEAM classes.

We’re a ‘Future-Ready’ School where:

  • Learners are readied for life, work and relationships.
  • Leaders and fulfilled individuals are nurtured who don’t just know their rights but also learn to accept responsibility.
  • Learners are cultivated to be job-creators rather than just being job-seekers, by instilling in them an entrepreneurial spirit at the formative stage.
  • Each learner engages with at least one art form and one sport.
  • Learners are guided to make conscious and informed career choices that lead them to fulfilling careers driven by passion rather than convention.
  • Shared leadership culminates into an integrated wholesome school environment.
  • Building life-skills among learners through Peer Education is a routine.

We’re a ‘Humanised School’ where:

  • Every school day begins and ends with Meditation.
  • Character building is a priority and being humane is a necessity.
  • Every learner practices to Be the change.
  • Learners are not mindless consumers but contributors who give back, who make a difference.
  • Care for the environment is not incompatible with idea of development.
  • Empathy and Compassion are not mere words but part of our foundational DNA.

We’re an ‘Inclusive School’ where:

  • If our learners can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn!
  • Everyone grows together, none is left behind. Life is a party, not a race.
  • DLF Illuminarium is our exclusive well-being platform, with Sensorium and Cosmosium as its two strong support centers for Children with Special Needs (CWSN).
  • Occupational therapy at DLF Cosmosium to address the needs of Children with Special Needs (CWSN).
  • Remedial therapies of international standards delivered by the best of professionals and agencies at DLF Sensorium to address learning difficulties in the areas of reading, writing, comprehension, socialization etc.
  • Specially designed weekly Integrated Remedial Classes which help teachers to discover and remediate gray areas through personal attention.

Promoting Peace Education by Bridging Distances and Stringing New Ties

Our learners see themselves and the world as one because they are taught to be at ease with who they are.

Intercultural bridges with over 25 countries going back more than two decades to promote global exposure.
Cultural exchange programs that offer opportunities to stay, study and learn in diverse cultural environment. We travel. We mingle. We learn.

Virtual meets with students of countries such as Scotland, Italy, Kenya, USA, Malaysia, Russia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. We talk. We listen. We accept. We embrace. We grow.

A ‘Winning School’ where:

Rated and ranked among the top schools of the country
  • Achievers and winners are cultivated in both Scholastic and Co-scholastic spheres.
  • Academic Excellence is a way of life.
  • District Toppers and State Toppers feature on our Wall of Fame.
  • IITians, IIMs, NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) and KYPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) scholars are churned out year-on-year.
  • Our alumni are well placed across the globe making significant contributions bearing the imprint of our legacy.
  • Artistic endeavours compliment scientific innovation.

A School to Belong to...
Where a child learns to become… not just be.