Dr. Rakesh Khullar

Chairman, DLF Public School

  • A Graduate from Hans Raj College, Delhi,
  • A Chartered Accountant by profession from I.C.A.I., New Delhi.
  • Doctor of Literature (Honors Causa) by Medicina Alternativa (affiliated with) The International Open University at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • An active environmentalist as he is, he initiated various environmental projects including Tree Plantation in Ghaziabad under the ‘Clean Green Ghaziabad’ venture, a DLPS resolution in the new millennium.
  • Founded Apney Charitable Foundation for the under-privileged.
  • Member of DAV College Managing Committee that manages DAV Institutions all over India.
  • An avid sportsman himself, Dr. Khullar is the Chairman of DLPS Sports Academy.

Dr. Mrignaini

Executive Director, DLF Public School

  • Founder Principal of DLPS and presently, a futurist Executive Director whose enthusiasm, passion and warm guidance have placed the school amongst TOP 10 MOST RESPECTED SCHOOLS of INDIA(Ref. Education World Sep., 2012 issue).
  • Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry
  • Published various research papers in leading international journals.
  • A member of WCCI (World Council for Curriculum and Instruction) which is a world association of educators founded in 1971, USA and fosters intercultural – communication among educators & teachers worldwide.

Mrs. Seema Jerath

Principal, DLF Public School

With over 33 years of teaching and administrative career Principal Seema Jerath has been the foundational pillar for DLF Public School since it's inception. She possesses a futuristic vision and her direction has led the school to be one of the Top Schools in India.

Mrs. Jerath has responsibly held many esteemed positions as the Vice- Chairperson of the Sahodaya School Complex, Ghaziabad Chapter and Secretary (Off.) of National Progressive Schools’ Conference. She has been the Master Trainer for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) since 2009. Presently in 2019, she has co-created the Principal's Training Module for CBSE,"Leading Transformation" and is in the process of training Principals across India and creating Master Trainers. This year she has already built the Capacity of more than 100 Principals from India and Abroad. Under her leadership, the school team has contributed teaching and learning content to the National Repository DIKSHA - A Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing by the Government of India.

She is also the British Council School Ambassador and conducts workshops and training programmes for the British Council. She has been a Panelist at numerous conferences including The Hindu, the CCE Round Table Conference, and at the 4th EDU Convex organized by The University of Cambridge.

She has authored over 30 books for teachers, students and parents.

Right from being a Primary teacher to being the School Principal, Mrs. Jerath has enjoyed and learnt at every step. She believes that the very aim of education is the flowering of individuals. She seeks the genius within every child and at the same time makes sure that no child is left behind!

Her belief that education is incomplete if it does not have a societal purpose and a moral obligation has influenced the mindsets of all stakeholders who are highly proactive and sensitive towards community work. Her efforts have made DLF... a thinking School with a soul... where being ‘Good’ is more important than just being ‘Smart’ and where the complete definition of success is ‘to have the ability to give back more to society than you take from it’.

Her outstanding contribution to the field of education has been acknowledged and rewarded with numerous prestigious awards as:

  • National Award to Teachers 2012 by President of India
  • Lokmanilal Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Education, 2013
  • Dr. Radha Krishnan Excellence Award, 2012-13
  • Global Teacher Accreditation Award 2013 by Cambridge Education Foundation, UK and British Council
  • She is one of 8 School Leaders across India to receive The School Leadership Award, 2017 by The Advaith Foundation.