The school crest integrates a meaningful compact design with the motto

“Venture, Vigour, Vantage”

The logo has been carefully designed to reflect the philosophy of the school. In the middle is an open book, which is also like the fluttering wings of a bird. The fluttering signifies the flight or vigour of effort, based on the confidence acquired through knowledge and learning (the open book). At the top is a dark patch with a white circle, which represents the full moon in the sky. The moon signifies the cherished dream. The entire activity of the school is supported by the foundation DLPS which is signified by the letters ‘DLPS’ within the stripes at the bottom of the logo.

The foundation supports the realization of the dream by virtue of all resource at its command. In the ascent towards the fulfillment of becoming an enriched, well-rounded personality, every pupil ventures forth into a new world of discovery and learning, with positive and complete vigour that is engendered in him by the school and his environment, enabling him to reach the vantage position of realizing his peak potential.

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Sector-2, Rajender Nagar,
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, PIN – 201005.