The collective power of #mathematicalThinking: DLFPS Amongst the Fantastic Five in India in FIM


DLF Public School is amongst the top 3 in the First in Math #Grand Champions. In fact, DLF Public school is the only school in the state to make it amongst the top positions. In the session 2021-22, 144 Delfites of Grades I to III have become the Grand Champions by solving more than 30000 #Math problems each/individually. Our school is at 2nd Rank, Internationally and Nationally. 35 of our Delfites are international and National rank holders among the top 100. As on today June 24, 2021 367 delfites of Grades I to III have collectively solved 25,89,099 problems. 7054 problems are solved on average by each delfite. Using FIM we have seen the transformation in our children attitude, numeracy skills, student ownership & #family engagement! The Fantastic Five in INDIA Only 5 schools w 100+ @FirstInMath Grand Champions (GC): • 188 GC - Children's Acad. Thakur, MH • 167 GC - Delhi Public Neru, MH • 144 GC - DLF Public Ghaziabad, UP • 132 GC - Children's A. Bachani Naga, MH