Global Exchange Continues Virtually in the 'New Normal'


Class 8th Delfites Prarthana Mehrotra, Lakshya gaur, Ananya, Aadya and Class 11th student Delfite Sanchit Jain along with their mentors Ms. Gargi Datta Biswas, Dr. Sanjali Dhar, Ms. Mampi Kerani, Ms Ruchi Yadav concluded one more successful session with their Russian Peers and their Russian mentor Ms. Olga Dmitreva, Russian Principal and Russian IT head for their collaborative project 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.. . Save our Siberian Cranes'. Improvising on their previous idea of creating An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which monitors AQI & tracks migratory routes of the Siberian cranes, they exchanged views and opinions on the use the Radio Frequency technology or RF Technology to track the migratory routes of the Siberian Cranes. RF triangulation uses the angles at which the RF signals arrive at multiple receivers to estimate the location of a tag after analyzing the approaches to record the migratory routes, but can also impact the environment. Since, both the schools want to find an environment-friendly solution for this problem, they agreed they would research more until they meet next about other possible environment-friendly solutions that will help them bring the Siberian cranes back without harming the environment!