Delfites Dazzle at Disney Plus Hotstar


At a time when big-ticket feature films are vying for online releases, a 28-minute short film, ‘Sahir’ (Directed by Anirudh Duggal, Producer & Main Lead - Shreyansh Pratihar, Music by Raghav Chadda, Dialogues and supporting actor Shivang Mishra, Other supporting actors - Aryan Singh Bisht, Shubh Soni) made by students and alumni of DLF Public School under the mentorship of their Theatre teacher Mr. Devashish Tandon, 'Sahir' is creating waves at Disney+ Hotstar, an Indian over-the-top streaming service. The film is distributed by Pocket Films, India’s leading aggregator and distributor of alternate content. This suspense thriller revolves around a guy named Sahir who lives a life of confusion. He and his friends take a loan from a goon. When they are unable to repay him, they try to flee and then land up in a situation where escape is next to impossible. The film narrates how Sahir’s past haunts him with a revelation waiting in the end. The narrative is intriguing and the actors have given intense performances, matching the screenplay. “The Machinist, the popular psychological thriller has been the inspiration behind the film. This film highlights how mental illness can affect the way a person thinks, acts, expresses emotions, perceives reality, and relates to others.”, says Shreyansh. ‘At DLF, there is something for every child. We want to help our students discover their passion and find a career that they can enjoy. Performances and success of these Delfites at such a huge platform give us another reason to celebrate. My best wishes are always with these rising stars for their present and upcoming successes’, shared Executive Director of the School, Dr. Mrignaini.