2 CBSE-CBE Mentors & 6 Master Trainers Ready to Lead the Way at DLF Public School


DLF Public School has yet another reason to celebrate as 6 of its educators are now Certified Competency-Based Education (CBE) Master Trainers and 2 amongst them are CBSE-CBE Mentors. These educators have successfully completed an extensive training program on Competency-Based Education organized by CBSE in collaboration with British Council and Cambridge Partnerships for Education. The CBSE-CBE Program is aligned to the vision of the NEP 2020 which leads the way towards Quality Education and calls for a paradigm shift across the country from content-based learning to a competency-based education-an outcome-based approach to education to ensure proficiency of learning through demonstration of the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes required for dealing with real-life situations at the age and grade-appropriate levels. While expressing her delight on this wonderful achievement of her educators, Executive Director Dr. Mrignaini shared, ‘We believe that of all the different factors which influence the quality of education and its contribution to national development, the quality, competence, and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant.’ ‘As a school, we have always advocated deep conceptual understanding over rote learning and memorization. We consciously made this first move by getting our Teachers trained as CBSE-CBE Mentors & Master Trainers. I am proud that our teachers are at the helm of this shift. At DLF, we are are all set to lead the way equipped with the finer nuances of Comptency Based Education,’ shared Principal Seema Jerath while celebrating this conscious shift. Seema Jerath Principal