DLFPS Coders Shine in National Coding Challenge


Students Abban Varughese, Aashrit Roy of Grade VIII and Paarth Jain, Grade X of DLF Public School earn tickets and win the eligibility criteria to LEARN a Free 17 hours Certificate Program ‘LEARN 2CODE’ – from Eupheus Learning, an ed-tech company in India powered by RoboGarden Inc, Canada. They happened to be the fastest contestants and are among the 1500 shortlisted students nationally to win the challenge that qualifies them for a reward of being Game builder in Javascript. Over 1.25 Lacs students of around 666 schools across the country competed in the challenge. The trio is also among the fastest 3 students out of 800 students of the school who enrolled for the challenge. In this short journey of 17-hours, these coders will get familiar with all programming concepts from simple sequencing to conditions, loops, nested structures. This is a compressed journey from beginner level to moderate programming level in funny puzzles to solve.