DLF Public School Among the Top Two Schools Internationally to Solve Over One Crore Problems in First in Math


Students of DLF Public School prove yet again that every adversity is an opportunity to excel and outperform themselves. The school now ranks among the top two schools across the world with its Grade I to Grade V students solving over ONE CRORE Math problems in the session 2020-21, over and above the problems done in their regular classrooms. Not only this, as a collective effort the school continues to remain in the Top 3 schools maintaining the 3rd rank internationally and nationally. This year young learners from classes I to V solved a whopping 1 crore plus problems till Oct, 2020—an average of 12,927 solved per child. The school has many reasons to celebrate with two of its students among the top 10 International players and 7 among the top 100 International and National players. While 18 Teams (classes) are among the Top 100 International Team Players Category, 14 Teams (Classes) secured their place among the Top 100 National Team Players Category. Even the teachers of the school prove their love for Math as four of them made it among the top 100 National Educator Players. The school has been associated with First in Math since 2015 – a programme that is designed to provide students an immersive learning experience by enabling them to actively “do the math”. For every click by a student, there are definable, measurable skills mastered and data is captured in real-time. Principal Seema Jerath explains, ‘First In Math’s self-directed and joyful learning lets the students take ownership and control of their learning processes. This is an affirmation of the transformational culture of the school where there is no fear of Math! Delfites don’t do these sums out of fear or for marks, they do it for the sheer fun of Maths. Expressing her delight at the commendable achievements of her students and educators, she congratulated everyone for sustaining the top notch and setting new benchmarks at First in Math!