25 Shining Years of Transformation... Transforming Lives through Quality Education


Twenty-five years, a quarter of a century seems like just a flash.DLF Public School, over the last 25 years has forged a reputation as an institution that values community to build a sense of belongingness, empowerment to engender a strong and positive sense of self, diversity that celebrate the uniqueness of every learner and growth that helps to map a pathway toward personal success. These have been the cornerstone elements of DLF Public School’s trajectory of evolving, achieving and progressing… Progressive Learning Systems, processes and frameworks at DLF Public School are singularly directed towards imparting Quality Education to its learners, striving to create a school that thinks; that’s humane, with an emphasis on character and empathy; that’s creating leaders and happy fulfilled individuals who don’t just know or demand their rights but also accept their responsibilities, who are people moving from just being ‘takers’ to also being ‘givers’. Little best practices of reflection, the culture of positive reinforcement, the recognition of ones’s uniqueness, the emphasis on character building and cultivating an attitude for gratitude, seeking their career through their passion have impacted hearts, minds, and the very persona of every learner at school. Delfites Alumni too have committed themselves to carrying the school soul beyond. Mention of Sustainable Development brings to mind Alumna Gauri Aggarwal, who is actualizing the school's vision-mission through her eco-sensitive entrepreneurial initiative MAGA that works to create sustainable fashion. On its Silver Jubilee, the entire DLF Family of over 2000 members together reflected on its impact, while looking ahead to another 25 years of students ‘getting smart to do good’. It has been eventful journey for the school with an evident growth year after year, a journey of growing from a seed to a forest. The metamorphosis is on and will go on, the faces will change, the circumstances will not remain the same but the mission of holistic development of the future generation will never cease. DLF Public School is ‘A Thinking School with a Soul’ with a mission to transform the world, one child at a time, where the Child, and not the Institution, is at the center of the Universe. Where children learn to think, and script their own future. Where they learn to become…not just be! Seema Jerath Principal DLF Public School Sec-2, Rajender Nagar, Sahibabad, Distt. Ghaziabad PIN - 201005 www.dlps.co.in