Besides universal values, we, at DLF Public School, are very innovatively trying to instill in our children a GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING and through it the concept of global citizenship.

“Global understanding is about creating a love for other human beings and all things living, helping learners realize the preciousness of life and taking them beyond the narrow confines of caste, religion, country and colour. It is about instilling in them the fundamental recognition that we are part of one global ethos; the concept of Vasudev Katumbkam- the world as one large family”.

The School intends to revisit this Policy every two years to maintain its edge and relevance in a fast changing world.

The objectives of our International Policy are to inspire our young global citizens in the making to want to learn more about the world and to ensure that our learners posses:

  • ★ An understanding of the other people and having empathy for them
  • ★ Act fairly in their choices, their decisions, and their words
  • ★ Believe that they are just as important as everyone else
  • ★ Believe that all people are equal, and that no groups or individuals are superior or inferior to others
  • ★ Accept differences and not reacting with hostility to people who are different from them
  • ★ Are willing to help and cooperate with others
  • ★ Have their own ideas and express them, at the same time, being open to changing them if they are proved wrong
  • ★ Are curious and wanting to learn more about the world
  • ★ Look after the environment and do not waste things
  • ★ Believe they can make a positive difference in the world
  • ★ All classes up to class X will be involved in international work, integrated in any curriculum area.
  • ★ At least 5 new Links will be made with schools in other countries in every session.
  • ★ At least 3 Training programmes will be conducted to equip teachers to use international/online resources and find international partners.
  • ★ At least, 5 online projects will be undertaken with different countries.
  • ★ At least, 20 teachers out of 143 will be engaged in doping online Professional development Courses on International Learning and Global Citizenship.
  • ★ Emphasis will be placed on the development of ICT within international work.
  • ★ At least two video-conferences will be planned per month engaging all classes and sections over the year.
  • ★ A sharing through the Assembly and Website will be done of all the International Activities in the school.
  • ★ A bulletin Board containing all the International Work of school and all global opportunities and projects will be maintained throughout the year.
  • ★ We shall encourage pupils to want to know about global issues and raise their awareness of how the world is changing technically, economically and culturally.
  • ★ School profile will be raised by sharing of international work through Media.
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