Sensorium is sensitive to the requirements of children with learning disabilities and committed to the well being of every single child. Children are helped to overcome their deficit areas through accurate diagnosis, curative remediation and a customized curriculum. Sensorium was established in the year 2014 to provide respite to a specific group of children who were otherwise bright but were not performing to their potential in the areas of reading, writing, comprehension, socialization etc. The primary focus was on therapeutic services of international standards involving the best of professionals and agencies.

As the name suggests Sensorium stands for the basic senses of vision, hearing, tactile, vestibular & proprioception. It is important for the senses to integrate in appropriate time for development of optimal building blocks. Some children get enough sensations to develop adequate neuronal network. Some of them may not. They can be provided with measured sensations as per their need which is also called sensory diet. Therefore, senses are the root for all our future learning and better the sensory diet we provide to children, best the learning.

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