In the endeavor to implement value‐based educational technology in school, the school has chosen to provide value addition services and solutions to all the stakeholders –

Student, Teacher, Alumni, Management and Parents

Benefiting them all immensely with the following hands on features and facilities

  • Provide complete students profile from point of registration till withdrawal electronically.

  • Provide valuable feedback not only on student’s performance in academic and extracurricular activities but also indicates their interests such as reading habits, interest in sports etc.

  • Record behavioral aspects of a student therefore enabling the teachers and parents to learn the true nature of a student and aid in their growth to become better human beings.

  • Help teachers to understand the students better and are able to identify weakness and strengths.

  • For parents it provides an unbiased view of student’s performance across years.

  • Introduction of OMV Card. Based on the smart card technology this a multi‐functionality card which not only plays the role of an identification card for the student, but their health card, library membership card and much more.This web-based Online Communication System has been launched in the school and has brought everyone closer and taken interaction between parents, students and the school to an exciting new level. On its part, the school communicates with both immediacy and up-to-the-minute data and assistance on diverse fronts simultaneously!

The School's E- Learning Portal

Offers great benefits to the students and the parents

  • ✔ SMS facility for important information & updates to the parents
  • ✔ Daily Homework & Class Updates Through Campus Care
  • ✔ Personal E- Mails

Fostering Knowledge

A regular online GK quiz is conducted every week to keep Delfites updated and abreast with the latest happenings and also fosters their newspaper reading habit. The website has now become an integral part of the school curriculum that takes the richness of the curriculum to a new zenith.

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