For those Delfites who are affected by learning disabilities, the school has put the special ‘Learners on the Way’ programme in place. It has been a united sustained effort of Coordinators, Counsellors, Mother Teachers and Parents. It is a year long programme where the entire student related environment is studied and a distinct case study is framed for each slow achiever to assist him towards overcoming the learning dificulties.

Comprehensive help is assured with experts of the Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS) for children suffering from SLDs like Dyslexia and more. Various remedial measures were undertaken to meet the special needs of our ‘learners on the way’ and the results were rewarding and encouraging for us to carry further this programme with greater responsibility.

Special Remedial Teaching Programme

Adopt A Child Programme

It’s been a highly result-oriented scheme at DLPS under which Each Teacher adopts at least ONE academically poor/weak child. Throughout the session, the teacher assists the child in various ways like- giving/arranging extra classes, completion of the notebooks, revision of the class work, class behavior, attendance and academic record. She notes andobserves the improvements made in the child and works in coordination with other teachers towards the child’s growth. The teachers also conduct Personal Home Visits to students’ homes.

Remedial Sessions Every Week

The school conducts integrated remedial classes for the academically weak children EVERY SATURDAY 12pm to 2 pm. During these sessions, the teachers try to reach out to their problems and render a personal touch. The slow learners get a chance to pick up the covered syllabus and solve their problems.

Counseling Sessions In Close Tieups With IHBAS

The school facilitates students with THREE full time counselors. These counselors provide concrete suggestions for each child and help them overcome their specific learning disabilities working in close tieups with IHBAS-Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences. Many workshops are also organized for children suffering from SLDs like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and more. Workshops for parents are also organized from time to time.

Consecutive Assessment Record

A consecutive assessment record is maintained by the concerned teacher which is registered with the school Coordinators as well. The Coordinator makes sure that these children are regular with their work and are able to cope up with the studies. She maintains the Cumulative Record of these children to mark the growth of these children. This affords a larger focus on each child’s progress and output.

Parent Teacher Meetings

The school sees parents as significant partners in Education. Regular Parent Teacher Association Meetings are conducted in the school. The teachers and parents work out together the future plans towards children’s growth.

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