At DLPS, there is a focused approach to making education relevant- by providing experiences & opportunities wherein our learners could apply their knowledge & connect it to real world contexts. Not only is this being achieved through linking the newspapers to the curriculum and bringing the everyday world into the classroom but also through numerous hands on projects.

The meaning of ‘knowledge’ for us is not simply ‘being able to remember’ but ‘being able to find and use it’. At DLPS, education is about building the skills to adapt to changing times.

We harness this rapid flow of information & technology so that our children, and our school, stay abreast with times in the context of the real world. In this context, newer learning techniques that are products of intensive research and keep pace with evolutionary trends are being put in place so as to create a 21st century learning environment.

Simultaneously, DLPS has pioneered innovative activity based learning methodologies. These draw on such unusual approaches like aural & visual identification, music based memorizing, and team-sport driven group learning. The objective is to take teaching into a different realm altogether — and imbue it with genuine fun and interest for faster comprehension and understanding. For students, young and old alike, these enjoyable activities allow knowledge to be imbibed almost unconsciously

  • ★ Learning through fun and entertaining games like Edu- Tambola, I-Spy, Fire on the Mountain, Alphabet Lotto, Jump into the Pond, Bingo and numerous more.

  • ★ PEC Cards (Physical Education Cards) for conducting Every Child Matters (ECM) Sessions

  • ★ Live the subjects through visits and excursions

  • ★ Concept learning through ‘Edu-Races’.

  • ★ Connect with roles of community and environment through ‘Nature Walk’

  • ★ Peer learning

  • ★ Learning through simulated environment to be part of real life situations

  • ★ Healthy mind in a healthy body- Regular Yoga and Meditation sessions

  • ★ Talent Pursuit Clubs like- Dramatics, Public Speaking, No fire Cookery, Eco-clubs, Backyard Science Movie-shows, Puppet shows

  • ★ Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Adventure Camps

  • ★ School Reading Programme with exclusive newspaper reading & analysis time

  • ★ Especially designed language development exercises

  • ★ Individualized Activity Kits

  • ★ One with the earth with ‘Clay Modeling’ sessions’

  • ★ Social etiquettes through ‘Fine-Dining Classes’.

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